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The farm shop is run by Julie, we stock a variety of goods including products made here on the farm. We make our own pork sausages, Cornish hogs pudding, beef burgers we also butcher all meat on site cure our own bacon and our own ham..

Meat is sourced locally so we only have quality Cornish meat for our customers.

We also keep our own free range hens they are Medicis, Piggots Brown and Piggots silver their eggs are available in the shop. In addition to this we do sell point of lay hens and over year hens when available

Pet food and horse feed is also available at reasonable prices.

We also stock a variety of home baked goods by Julie, these consist of bread, cakes, buns, quiche made using our bacon and free range eggs. In addition to this Julie makes deep filled individual steak pies, family size if ordered and sausage rolls using our sausage meat. Julie’s baking is out of this world and she is gaining a very good reputation for the goodies she makes. These are all reasonably priced for instance a generous slice of lemon drizzle cake is only 85p.

Julie also makes her own preserves which are packed with real fruit and this summer (2016) plans to serve cream teas from the shop, honey from bee’s on the farm can also be purchased. We have Proper Cornish pasties for sale on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, however it would be wise to order in advance.  

We have a variety of fruit and veg supplied by West Country most of which is produced in Cornwall with prices matching the Supermarkets, even the Cheaper no frills one’s most of the time.  

To help local people because of a lack of shops in the area we also stock Rodda’s Cornish milk, double cream and their famous clotted cream, cheese and butter, and everyday groceries such as tea bags, coffee, backed beans, toilet roll etc.

Keep up to date with us by visiting face book.

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