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Our livery houses ten stables all of which are 10ft x 12ft. We purchased the panels from Cheval Liberte Denbighshire Wales. They are solid in construction with solid wood panels all round. The barn is airy with good ventilation having slatted wood all the way around and double doors to the front. Floors are concrete and water is supplied through self fill drinkers. We have a large outdoor school but due to adverse weather this winter we need to put in more drainage which will be done this year 2016.

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The paddocks are laid with a good grass mixture with added herbs, are generous in size and rotated every three months.

We make sure water is available with long hose pipes to reach all. We are also blest with fantastic hacks. We have our own horse trailer with rubber covered metal floor which we don’t mind lending out to those in livery.

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With winter coming we have a couple of stables available if you are interested get in touch via the contact’s page  Date added 26/09/2016